Sound Lab in St-Pierre Jolys, Cabane a sucre 2017( photo of musical instruments for use with headphones in a group setting)

Sound Lab was created to provide music lessons and specialty programs for youth in the rural southeast.

The mission is to offer services which allow parents to stay in their own home town.

By being mobile Sound Lab is able to offer events in every town which permits registration.

With the awesome help of Rat River Recreation the sound lab has offered programs through the year and helped to create special day camps for spring/summer break which offered a variety of events and activities not limited to music tho music had its special day.

By offering lessons for groups we are able to accommodate more children and lower the costs involved with music lessons. The programs allow people more social time.

Sound Lab allows for exposure to making music and exploring musical preferences, the ability to try many different instruments and equipment. Kids may be able to decide which instrument they connect with. Or maybe they just like the layout of the Sound Lab Gym where they are able to have access to 5 basic instruments.

As we develop programs and customize what is offered, we are able to create fun inclusive environments which encourage learning and creative expression.

Sound Lab offers special events for in your home and rented facilities.

We will we operating over winter from Musèe St-Pierre Jolys on the main floor. It is accessible, and there are washrooms on the premises. Indoor shoes or slippers are required.

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