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Bringing music and creativity to you!

I am so happy to announce that SE Rural Manitoba will now have access to a new and EXCITING MUSIC PROGRAM!

This program is designed to come to your community and share the joy of making music.

To introduce different instruments and allow for a hands on trial experience.

Our goal is not to get you overwhelmed by theory and standards.

Our goal is to encourage and inspire you to find your own sound, your own style.

This is going to be the greatest way to introduce music into your lives and assist you to figure out which instruments you truly wish to focus on. Maybe you just want to follow your own path and learn them all.

Imagine you have just purchased a gym membership. When you go to the gym you are presented with a variety of equipement. You spend time on all or some and get a feel for it.

This has the same level of newness. There is no experience required. You do not have to have any training or know what you are doing.

My job is to show you that there is no wrong or right way. It wont be long before you have locked into your own creation.

Rural Manitobans do not have direct access to music which allows for exploration. I wish to change this.

My abilty to be mobile, access a variety of gear. Know a lot of musicians. And my love and 26 years of music exploration this is sure to be the best program available.

If you wish to open space for us to come and set up for you please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

What does your heart beat sound like?

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