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Sound Lab Gym – How does you Heart Beat?

Tuesdays -January 16- February 20

Instructor: Season Kirkwood

Sound Lab Gym

Ages 6+ to Adults

Time: 5:30-6:30 PM

Cost: $72

In this program participants get to play and learn a variety of instruments. Improve

dexterity, memory, mood, and creativity. Each participant will be able to play drums,

guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals. Each session is primarily played while wearing head

phones, in the last quarter of the hour participants will be encouraged and conducted to

play together live. In addition to regularly scheduled program there is “The “Roadie”

program, this is for tech curious participants who will be allowed to learn how to set up

the various equipment, tune guitars/bass and learn about sound controls, these tutorials

will take place half an hour prior to Sound Lab, and allows participants more time with

equipment. there is no additional charge for this portion of the program.

Sound Lab Mini Gym

Ages 2-5 years

Time: 4:00-5:00 PM

Cost: $72

This program is for parents/guardians with children 5 and under. Observe and engage

them in how they play and pick up instruments. This age group does really well at sound

lab! This may also be the one place you encourage your children to touch all the buttons

and make all the noise, while you socialize with other parents in the quietest music


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