Here are the programs Sound Lab Manitoba is currently offering Jan-Mar

Sound Lab Gym

This program is the Silent music program and also mobile.

Participants experience a variety of musical instruments with the use of headphones and the program which is customized for their personal interests allows for musical exploration.

You can book time and come with your family or coworkers and have as much fun as you would like

Sound Lab Guitar

Getting started on a guitar can be tough! In a group setting we learn more about our own capabilities and strengths with a new instrument. We find ways which are adaptable for the new player so that it is enjoyable and rewarding

Tea and Jam

Music program for seniors to come and enjoy making music and sound. Flexible scheduling, evenings, weekends, stats

Sound Lab Vocal Performance

Maybe you love to sing but are too nervous to sing for others. In this program we use songs that you love and songs you may have never heard to boost your confidence and record your own cover songs

Piano -group lessons Guest Instructor

We are going to try piano for groups or private. Beginner to level 7 if you are interested please register as class starts soon Jan 9


Drumline-group Guest instructor

Beginner to intermediate come learn about rhythm and work on technique in this fun group drumming class

Sound Lab Loops Gym

All the electronica all the time. Beat sequencers, korgs, synths, drum machines

special workshop


 Voice lessons-Guest Instructor

Warm ups, practice songs, breathing are just some of the cool things you will learn in these group lessons.

Private lessons are also available


Hip Hop Dance-Guest instructor

In an attempt to centralize services offered in the region, we are going to try a 6 week pilot program introduction to hip hop. ages 6-12 Mondays Jan 14 start



Music is scientifically proven to improve mental wellness, physical dexterity and communication among many other great benefits.

Sound Lab Manitoba has been created and run by someone who has first hand understanding of how music heals.

Winter is a tough time for a lot of people and I am seeing more frequently a cry out from parents for more to do around rural Manitoba.

My hope is that people sign up and utilize this program while I can offer it.

The KIC program is taking into consideration that music lessons on a routine may not be an option. By offering some different days my hope is that you will be able to access music programs for your family and foster kids who are currently in your home. I do still need an RSVP, this way you can make it at any time between hours of operation.

Beat the Winter Blues- Get out for Mental Health

Is a live jam set up. is for people who need and want to be around live music either to play or to observe.I welcome any person with any level of music ability to reserve their spots as soon as possible.This jam is flexible, so even if there are only a couple we can sure throw on a cd and jam to music we love.