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Sound Lab Gym
Sound Lab Gym has been created to allow participants to learn to play a variety of instruments, improve memory, dexterity, cooperation, self esteem and creativity. Sound Lab Gym is focussed on creativity and self discovery. Sound Lab encourages touching, learning and discovery. Sound Lab gym can accommodate many special needs, please email to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
By playing the drums, participants can improve math skills and learn about tempo and rhythm, They can also learn how to play along to a song, identify the different components of the kit and improve physical dexterity. Learn 3 different rhythms.
By playing the Keyboard participants will learn how to use the various components of the machine, learn coordination, chords, play to a song, improve memory, dexterity and creativity. Identify different components of the instruments to get a desired sound. Learn 3 chords and create 1 short song
By using the Vocal processor participants will discover there are ways to use their voice as an instrument, or practice their singing. They will be encouraged to create characters and scripts if they choose not to sing. This is a great tool to increase self esteem and discover the benefits to using voice to entertain. Positive effects may help curb shyness. Create 3 Characters or Singing effects.
By learning to play the guitar participants will increase dexterity, learn chords, learn to use effects pedals, create phrase loops. Improve posture, strengthen arms and hands, practice rhythm. By the end of the course participants will have learned and be able to play 3 chords
By playing the Bass guitar participants will learn about tempo and rhythm. Learn about tablature. Improve dexterity, memory, counting, rhythm, how to play along with others, Learn to play notes and create bass lines
Specialty instruments. Sound Lab will bring in a different bonus instrument each week for participants to try to play. This allows for participants to increase their ability to understand a wide range of instruments, to say they have played it, and to increase self esteem and connectivity to the musical world around them.
Each participant will have home work which will allow them to create music and sound at home
Each Participant will be required to keep a daily log of their experiments at Sound Lab, at home and school/work. Music is everywhere, we want you to find it.
Experiments from home: Create you own instrument with 3 house hold items, bring it in on your day to share
Pick a song you like. Listen to the song and identify instruments you can hear. Tell us which parts are repeated the most, how did the song make you feel? What would you add to it
Look for things at home, school, or work which resemble musical notes and patterns, write them in your log.
Performance is an important function of Sound Lab. Because participants are wearing headphones they are experiencing sound to themselves, socializing is limited because of this. Part of the hour will be for participants to come together with what they learned and play together with Facilitator conducting time and rhythm. This also allows for everyone to feel accomplished and part of the group. Community is very important to Sound Lab Manitoba and a brief interaction with others is great practice for the real world. Friends and Family are allowed to observe this performance from a distance.
Learn about performance and sound
Learn to count and keep tempo
Learn to be an active listener
Learn self discipline
Learn how to focus and be mindful
Learn how to express themselves musically
Learn to be patient
Learn the function of performance based anxiety
Learn to eliminate judgements
Learn compassion
Improve self esteem
Discover which instruments they wish to dedicate themselves to

Sound Lab wants to help develop musical abilities in rural Manitoba. We are helping to make memories which will last a lifetime. Sound Lab is an all inclusive environment.
Discrimination, bullying and negative s comments will not be tolerated.
We will do our best to help individuals get past issues they may have so that they can still have the benefits of the program.
I believe through musical expression participants will be able to express their emotions with music instead of words or violence.

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