The Heartbeat of a Metis Nation

The Heartbeat of a Metis Nation

How does your heart beat?

Music is the heartbeat of the world. I am planning a project right now for 2018. I wish to create dialogue and music which can help to represent The Metis in southeast Manitoba.
I am hoping to collect recordings from Sound Lab sessions to build up our own music and sound Library. To create dialogue and discuss the history, present and the future for Metis peoples of Southeast Manitoba. To give credit to all who participate.

I am currently looking for people of all ages and abilities to join in on this project, you can invest as little or as much time as you would like.

We will be creating songs together and using everything we can access to see our project reach its maximum potential.

This project will be about our own personal experiences in the world as Metis. I also hope it will strengthen a connection to heritage for young people. I also want to find the story of a person who as an adult is finally identifying with their Metis Heritage.

What does all this sound like?

Let’s make music, create artwork, make videos, and write songs which encompass what it means to us