What is Sound lab?

What is Sound lab?

Sound Lab Manitoba is a mobile music programĀ  exclusive to the rural SE of Winnipeg Manitoba

Sound Lab is set up to accomodate a group of people in small communities to experiment, learn, explore and play musical instruments.

Participants will get to play and is not limited to:



Sound Lab also wants to encourage participants to perform and be proud of what they are discovering and come to realize all the things they are learning aside from music making.

The project aspect of Sound Lab is the creation of a soundtrack from music and sound created by the players.

This means that participants get to play a part in the creation of songs.

For now we are offering this unique experience in Niverville, St. Pierre Jolys and St. Malo
please check with Niverville Recreation for Niverville, and Rat River Recreation for others.

Next year there will also be drop in programs, workshops

Do I teach? Yes there are many elements being shown and taught throughout the longer term programs.

Each person learns in their own ways. I do my best to make a
connection with the participant and customize their lesson to their ability.

Sound Lab St. Pierre Jolye

Sound Lab is also in the planning stages for other programs that fall under the Arts and Entertainment catagory.