I love the winter. I know how long and lonely winter can be. Living in rural Manitoba in winter is very challenging for most. I want to be able to offer some unique programs for all ages. My goal is to provide a safe and inclusive space were you can come to enjoy making music, taking in a workshop or learning something new.

I have a strong passion for mental wellness. I am looking to create a space where those who can benefit from having resources or find some healing through music.

Beat the Winter blues is a music oriented event where people can come and make music together, or just observe. The genre is not limited to the blues. Have a coffee and find a reason to go out this winter! I am working on getting some workshops together which can be offered in conjunction with Winter Blues.

KIC program is a drop in for kids in care and their families to come and explore making music, singing, playing games. I am working on getting someone to come and tell stories and some other cool stuff.

Drum Lab is taught by local drummer Devin. He has just completed his first 8 week session with Sound Lab. He is offering drums for group, and one on one lessons from the Musée.

We have a new addition to the team for the winter session. Shanna will be offering piano lessons and voice lessons. Both will be available for groups and one on one.

We will also run a dance program for Hip Hop on trial.

Karaoke Parties will be one off day long singing and dancing and jamming. 

Sound lab gym will be back for its second year. I will be offering the gym for group of 5 all ages, and for those who could benefit from having access to all a one on one session. Sound Lab gym will also be offered as drop in in conjunction with one on one classes the same time.

Guitar circles will be listed soon. I will be instruction groups in one lesson and having a little jam in another.

There is so much mention, I will update shortly.